If you’re a small business owner or you’re just starting out, like many, you may think there’s no benefit in having a website when you can do everything on social media. Maybe you think you can’t afford a professional website or do not need one.

Perhaps you’re in the generation that didn’t grow up with computers, you don’t use a computer so you think your customers don’t use computers. You think if you are not tech savvy why bother with a website. But even if you are an established business that has relied on word of mouth and think you are doing quite well, there are several reasons why your business needs a professional website too.

Want to reach your clients anywhere? Then your business needs a website and preferably one that is professionally designed and developed. Let’s Create one for you.

Why Do you need a Website?:
-Your Business will gain credibility
-Customers can be kept informed
A website is always accessible
It provides a platform to showcase your work and services
-You own and control what you wish to show and offer on your website

Is my website SECURED?
A safe website should be the first step in ensuring clients that you are serious about business and that they can conduct business on your site in a safe manner.

You may have seen these acronyms and wondered what they are, if you enter a website and see any of these or a lock symbol in the address it suggests that the website is safe. Not all websites require these and it suggests that you should not enter any sensitive information. If you plan on entering personal or credit card information, it is advised that you look of for these symbols before proceeding.

NB: Prices are in (TTD) and are subject to change. Packages can also be modified to add requirements and services to the selected package to meet the clients necessary requirements

App Development

Today with the Google Play store home to more than 3.5 million apps, and the App Store home to over 2.2 million (according to Statista), it can seem like every business has a mobile app. An app that gains you traction with customers can be a significant way to boost business, according to a news source consumers now spend five hours a day on mobile devices. And 92 percent of that time is spent using apps. Why not reach clients in the palm of their hands where they spend most of their time?

Ask yourself these questions:-

-Don’t have a business but an idea for an app?

-Does your business need an app?
-Do your competitors have apps?
-Will your app solve a customer problem?
-Would you be able to make your services quicker?
Do you have a platform to showcase your work and services?